smoked salted caramels

Being salt obssessed, as evidenced by the name of this blog, when I came across Maldon smoked sea salt at a recent weekly trip to Sur la Table {there is one in the building I work in}, I immediately began thinking of ways to do it justice.  Although the possibilities were endless, a savory dish seemed too predictable for my first dalliance with this very special salt.  I ultimately determined that I would make a slightly smokier version of salted caramels.  They were absolutely divine – the smokiness was subtly poignant against the melting, vanilla backdrop of the caramels.

More pictures continued after the jump…

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4 Responses to smoked salted caramels

  1. Those look great! Perfect for this tie of the year, especially with Halloween approaching.

    • fleurdeselsf says:

      Thank you! I agree – I think that they would also make great hostess gifts for the holidays – maybe in glassine bags tied with cute baker’s twine. I love your blog also!

  2. Claire D says:

    Only one word for this – Yum!

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