champagne cocktails


There is something so wonderfully special and celebratory about champagne cocktails.  I had one for the first time in Paris with my sister on our first trip there in 1999.  We have since been to Paris together a few more times, and it has become somewhat routine for us, immediately after dropping off our bags, to head to the nearest cafe {the nearest aesthetically pleasing cafe, that is} for an afternoon champagne cocktail to immediately start soaking in the French vibe and slowing down.  Many wonderful conversations were shared over those champagne cocktails – discussions that were tinged with excitement of what trouble we may get into in the days to come, but also a reverence for that. precise. moment.  The last time she came up to San Francisco to visit me, we were standing at the bar at Lolinda and she brilliantly ordered us champagne cocktails – I had nearly forgotten how much I loved them, and how much I loved drinking them with her.

A champagne cocktail can really be anything that includes champagne – I have seen recipes with cognac, vodka, St. Germain, but I personally prefer a more pared down version that is arguably not even a cocktail.  Simply drench a sugar cube in the bitters of your choice and pour the bubbly over.  The sugar cube slowly dissolves over time, releasing a cascade of celebratory bubbles, and the bitters tinge the champagne with a gorgeous rose gold hue.  A perfectly festive, holiday drink.  Hope you all have a lovely holiday!

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11 Responses to champagne cocktails

  1. Karen says:

    I haven’t had one in years…but they were always made like yours.

  2. LaurenG says:

    Beautiful! I forgot to tell you, I ordered one at a restaurant in Glasgow and it was like this but also with Cognac. I prefer the pared-down version as well.

  3. Looks lovely…I’ve never had a champagne cocktail, but it sounds like I must..such a beautiful drink..lovely post..sarah

  4. Anne says:

    Such a simple cocktail and a lovely story to go with. Thanks for sharing. I love the soft lighting you got here with the photos. It really is beautiful. I prefer natural lighting myself (I suck at taking photos without natural lighting) but you really made it work here.

    • fleurdeselsf says:

      I am the same way Anne – I really do prefer natural light, but feel somewhat strange mixing and drinking cocktails before the sun goes down, which is too damn early this time of year! 🙂

  5. petit4chocolatier says:

    Beautiful post! Your pictures are lovely! I wish I could reach into the screen for a glass of your champagne cocktail!

  6. I would like to eat and drink everything on your blog!

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