parisian butter and ham sandwiches


A second use for my homemade butter was also inspired by the French.  When I went to Paris several years ago, I had one of the most lovely sandwiches – a freshly made baguette with butter and thinly-sliced ham.  It was so simple, yet so perfect.  Obviously, in a sandwich with so few ingredients, the quality of the butter is paramount.  I simply cut a baguette in half, buttered both sides, layered thin slices of Black Forest ham over the butter, and served with cornichons on the side.  Perfect to take on a picnic or to lunch in the office.

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14 Responses to parisian butter and ham sandwiches

  1. chef mimi says:

    with a French mother, I had these all the time growing up, and also get them as often as I can in France. so simple, and yet so perfect!!!

  2. I love crusty bread with ham and butter. So simple but so amazing.

  3. A. Castro says:

    This has Schumacher written all over it. Especially paired with a nice rose or crisp white. Where do you get your meat and bread?

    • fleurdeselsf says:

      Haha – didn’t know Brad had a thing for ham and butter sandwiches! And I agree about the wine – anything is better with a little rose, in my opinion! I bought my bread from La Boulange (an SF-based bakery, the one we got sandwiches from when you were here) and the ham is from Whole Foods, but I requested the deli slice it very thin. Love you! xo

  4. Anne says:

    I love these simple ideas that look elegant and easy. I told my husband about your post on homemade butter and he got all excited about making it. 😀 Thanks for sharing these lovely simple ideas Lindsay. Beautiful photos.

  5. oh i am drooling…my grandmother would always butter our sandwiches, as i always say everything is better with butter…lovely post..sarah

  6. My favorite sandwich ever, I love butter and ham, I think when I visited Paris I had one just about every day. I just want to compliment you on the beautiful posts and the photo’s are beyond beautiful. You are very talented.

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