pear, pecorino and arugula salad with honey walnut crumbles


This salad was inspired by a delicious salad we recently had at La Bicyclette, a charming little French-inspired bistro in Carmel.  I am always tempted by “kitchen sink” salads – ones that include a little bit of everything – greens, fruit {fresh or dried}, cheese and nuts.  Although these sorts of salads are not always the most healthy, they are generally the only salads that make me feel satisfied {and not wishing I had ordered the pasta instead}.  The peppery spice of the arugula, mixed with the sweetness of the pears and the nuttiness of the pecorino – perfection.  However, the ultimate selling point was the “honey walnut puree”, which was more akin, texture-wise, to the crumbles found on an apple or pear crumble dessert.  An elegant {and satisfying} winter salad.

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Serves 2

  • 2 c. arugula {I used baby/wild arugula}
  • 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon champagne vinegar
  • 1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • Fleur de sel or sea salt
  • Black pepper {freshly ground}
  • 1 pear, sliced thinly {I used a Comice pear}
  • 1/2 c. walnuts
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • Pecorino cheese

In a medium bowl, whisk olive oil, vinegar, mustard, sea salt and pepper to taste.  Toss arugula with dressing to coat all leaves.

Pulse walnuts and honey in food processor until finely pureed and crumbly.

Delicately place arugula leaves on serving plate.  Tuck slices of pear in between leaves.  Shave Pecorino cheese over the top of salad, using a vegetable peeler.  Sprinkle with honey walnut crumbles, additional fleur de sel and freshly cracked black pepper.









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23 Responses to pear, pecorino and arugula salad with honey walnut crumbles

  1. Darya says:

    Lovely! I absolutely agree with you, salads with a little bit of everything are the best. And I do enjoy not leaving the table hungry. The combination of fruit and vegetable seems perfect, and the walnut crumbles… oh là là.

  2. I have had a very similar salad here in NYC and love it, the sharp pecorino and arugula go so nicely with the pear and earthiness of the walnuts. I love this salad!

  3. I am looking forward to trying this. Lovely post!

  4. This is a lovely twist on some classic combinations and looks delightful. I like the idea of pulsing the walnuts and honey as a crumble. Thanks, Tracey

  5. What a beautiful salad! I love arugula. I’m not a salad eater so I usually prefer salads with lesser ingredients. This seems perfect!

    • fleurdeselsf says:

      Thanks Anne! It’s funny, I am not really a salad eater, but I prefer salads with as many ingredients as possible! 🙂 Although, sometimes simple greens tossed with a light vinagrette are just perfect.

  6. petit4chocolatier says:

    Looks so delicious and refreshing!

  7. a light and delightful lunch or brunch. I also like the look of your theme it is very calming and relaxing.

  8. ooh i just adore pecorino cheese…i will have to remember this one, my parents have a few pear trees so when in season this would be perfect…lovely post..sarah

    • fleurdeselsf says:

      Oooh how nice – do they give you bags and bags filled with pears? My parents do the same with their Meyer lemon tree, and as such, I am always in search of recipes involving Meyer lemons! 🙂

  9. Karen says:

    Love the flavor combination and the crumble must really compliment the pears.

  10. Reblogged this on Haute Mom Living and commented:
    Once again…enough said!

  11. Mmh I love everything about this salad!

  12. Hi there, just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award and the Very Inspiring blog award. If you are interested go to this link.

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