clementine creamsicle milkshake


Two Saturdays ago, I did something rather traumatic – I chopped off my hair.  I made two mistakes that led to this decision – I booked a haircut appointment at 8:30 am on a Saturday and went out for one too many cocktails at Locanda the night before.  I think I was actually still drunk when I went in for the haircut, and allowed my stylist to convince me to try something new, despite being advised against it by my friends the night before.  And whilst in the chair, I actually liked it, but then, a few hours later, after a mid-morning nap, regret began to set in and I missed my long locks, which had become a safety blanket of sorts.  To make myself feel better, I did what any girl in my position would do – I went out for a burger and a milkshake.

Roam recently popped up on Fillmore less than 2 blocks from our apartment, and we have been there several times.  I love the “French and Fries” burger, which includes truffle parmesan fries {yes, the fries are inside the burger, not on the side}, gruyere, avocado, caramelized onions, watercress, and dijon mustard – delicious.  And as soon as I spotted their seasonal milkshake – the orange creamsicle – I was smitten.  It immediately conjured up memories of popsicles from my elementary school’s cafeteria – alternately referred to as “creamsicles” or “50/50 bars”, which consisted of an orange popsicle surrounding a vanilla ice cream center.  The combination is genius, and yet still relatively uncommon.

Inspired by the Roam milkshake, I made milkshakes at home using homemade clementine sorbet.  Clementines are everywhere right now, and even though milkshakes are typically enjoyed in warmer months, this combination seemed so seasonally appropriate.  Making the sorbet couldn’t be easier – you simply juice the clementines, mix with superfine sugar until dissolved, chill and let your ice cream maker do the rest.  The clementine sorbet was a lovely, punchy contrast to the mild sweetness of the vanilla ice cream – so refreshing, yet so comforting.

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Creamsicle Milkshake

Serves 2 {or 1 greedy person}

  • 2 scoops fresh clementine sorbet
  • 2 scoops good quality vanilla ice cream {I used Strauss}
  • 1/2 c. milk {or enough to reach the desired consistency

Place all ingredients in blender and blend until desired consistency is achieved, adding more or less milk based on whether you prefer your milkshakes on the thicker or thinner side.

Fresh Clementine Sorbet

Makes about 2 cups or sorbet

  • 2 c.  fresh clementine {or tangerine} juice
  • 1/2 c. superfine sugar

In a bowl stir together juice and sugar until sugar is dissolved.  Chill juice, covered, until cold, about 3 hours.  Freeze juice in an ice-cream maker.  Sorbet may be made 1 week ahead.






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23 Responses to clementine creamsicle milkshake

  1. Creamsicles which were my favorite frozen treat as a child and still to this day the orange and creamy vanilla get me every time. Love your creation and I am sure the haircut is stunning, I did the same thing once and ended up loving it and keeping the short do for many years.

    • fleurdeselsf says:

      Haha – yes! Why isn’t the orange and cream combination more common!? It’s delicious! And thanks for your kind words about my hair – it is definitely growing on me, and is certainly easier to take care of! xo

  2. Fiery Ginger says:

    Great combination of citrus and ice cream! It’s a combination that I think should be seen a lot more often, since they balance each other so well. I will have to try this at somepoint.

  3. Love this – and the burger sounded INCREDIBLE. I’ve done the same thing – lopped off all my long blonde hair and then nearly died – had to wear a baseball cap for three weeks while I recuperated. Fortunately it grows back. 😉

    • fleurdeselsf says:

      Haha – I am sure it looked stunning! But, I know what you mean – if you have long hair for the majority of your life, you want to mix it up, but ultimately, it can be so traumatic! Luckily, it is growing on me, but I still miss the versatility of long hair – just so much more you can do with it! 🙂

  4. I really loved Creamsicles as a kid, but my mom was one of those wonderfully caring, lunch bag prune-packing moms who would refuse to pack or give us anything she deemed remotely unhealthy. An awesome mom for sure, but not exactly super-conducive to getting much in the way of cupcakes or ‘scicles =) But with this great shake idea of yours — made with the very best ingredients (and homemade sherbert!) — now I can. Success! Thanks so much for sharing, Lindsay =)

    • fleurdeselsf says:

      Haha – I love the “lunch bag prune-packing” reference – sounds somewhat like my mom! It was such a treat to eat cafeteria food, even though when I think about it now, I feel slightly nauseous – some of the combinations of meals my school cafeteria came up with were quite horrendous! But the creamsicles – those I could get behind! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story! xo

  5. Ooh, and welcome to the Short Hair Club, Lindsay! I am sure you look marvelous! =)

  6. Karen says:

    I know I would love your milkshake as creamsicles were always a favorite. It always takes awhile to get used to a new hairdo…I’m sure you are lovely.

  7. petit4chocolatier says:

    I am sure your hair looks beautiful! And the thing with hair, it always grows back pretty fast! I love the creamsicle milkshake! Thousand times yummy!!!

  8. yum..who doesnt just love a creamsicle..sounds just wonderful…and i’m sure your hair looks just beautiful 🙂 give it some time to be not so “fresh cut” looking and i’m sure you will like it more…lovely post..sarah

  9. Yummy! And it does take a while to adjust to short hair. When I cut it short it’s like I have phantom hair. I expect it to be there! On another note this page is acting like I don’t follow but I do. Strange.

    • fleurdeselsf says:

      Totally! That’s what I was going through for the first week – I kept touching my hair, thinking I should feel something much longer. I thought it felt like a phantom limb! Good call! Hmmm – weird about the follow issue – will look into it! xo

  10. Helena says:

    What an interesting idea ! I’ll definitely keep it in mind (the weather is still too chilly for now here) !

  11. Reblogged this on Haute Mom Living and commented:
    My husband loves these!

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