lunch and cocktails on the patio at park chalet


Having spent most of my life in Southern California, I always took nice weather for granted.  Moving up to San Francisco, where weather can change on a dime and our summers are oftentimes colder than our winters {as Mark Twain aptly observed} has made me truly appreciate a beautiful day in San Francisco.  I compulsively checked my iPhone weather app all week, hoping that the nice weather we experienced early last week would continue through the weekend, and plotting which {quasi} outdoor activity should prevail.  Although the Tourist Club was a close second, we opted for lunch and cocktails al fresco at the Park Chalet in Golden Gate Park, right across the road from Ocean Beach.  A perfect way to spend a treasured sunny afternoon in the city…


{the beach basil ginger cocktail}


{blueberry and pomegranate and strawberry and guava caipirinhas}


{caesar salad with seared salmon}


{grilled mixed sausages with giardiniera}


{dungeness crab roll with avocado and housemade potato chips}


{our beautiful and stylish friends Lindsay and Howie}


{our little nugget taking it all in}

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12 Responses to lunch and cocktails on the patio at park chalet

  1. chef mimi says:

    Oh the sausages… I love San Francisco!

  2. Now you know why British people talk about the weather all the time!

  3. I envy your San Francisco weather, I know it can turn on a dime but I’ve heard it’s comfortable almost all the time, NYC summers (and winters) can be pretty bad. Your photo’s are gorgeous, the food looks amazing and it looks like it was a beautiful day.

    • fleurdeselsf says:

      Thank you Suzanne! You’re right – NY and SF are so different! SF is consistently in the 60s year round, but the days that are hot and the nights warm are so rare. What I love is how NY gets almost tropical over the summer – with humidity that I think makes everything more sultry! 🙂 Although I am sure I would hate it if I lived there! Haha. The grass is always greener! xo

      • Sultry, LOL, that is a very romantic way to look at it. You are so right the grass is always greener but I guess if you visit NYC it’s tolerable but living in the steamy (smelly) sultry heat is no fun. Give me 60 degree’s I would love it.

  4. Cecile says:

    Lovely ! When we owned our farm in Quebec, we weren’t too far from Montmorency Falls. Within view of the falls was a lovely old inn which served delicious food. The patio is open during the all-too-short Canadian summer – there’s nothing like enjoying excellent food in such a great location. It looks like you had a wonderful day at Park Chalet !

  5. Cecile says:

    The link above gives the times when the park is open, as well as showing several photos of the falls – and of the “inn”, called Manoir Montmerency”. The manoir was a private home for many, many years. You can also stay at the Manoir, if you chose ! If you’d like, this link will bring you to a post of mine featuring some photos of our house there, plus my gardens etc. I miss our farm…

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