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{image via snippet & ink}

I hope that my American readers had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Sadly, I have no pictures of our feast to share with you – I stupidly left my camera behind. Our Thanksgiving this year was truly a family effort – my parents and sister {and our significant others} all contributed equally and virtually without any bickering! It never ceases to amaze me how, despite all of our attempts to be supremely organized and get everything prepared in advance, at T minus 30 minutes to dinner time, the s&%t inevitably hits the fan, leaving us all breaking into a sweat and hoping everything will make it to the table in one piece. Somehow though, everything manages to come together and soon we are all gathered around the table, drinking wine, eating and laughing. The older I get, the more I appreciate family – looking around the table at the familiar faces I have known my entire life, plus a few equally loved new ones, made me feel so content, so thankful.

For something completely unrelated, I have decided to do the floral arrangements for our wedding myself…in a foreign country. Although this sounds rather ambitious, I am just shocked and appalled with the ridiculous prices florists charge for wedding flowers. And, with most things at our wedding, I would like to avoid things that feel overdone – natural simplicity at its best is what I am after. Although I can’t do a run through beforehand at a flower market in Paris, I am determined to make a trip to the San Francisco flower market to come up with a few prototypes. Here are a few arrangements that are currently inspiring me.


 {image via once wed}


{image via once wed}


{image via style me pretty}


{image via once wed}


{image via honey of a thousand flowers}


{image via style me pretty}


{image via once wed}


{image via once wed}

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8 Responses to floral inspiration

  1. Given your artistic eye and great taste I think you are the perfect choice to do your own arrangements. I love all the arrangements you pictured in this post, everything is just beautiful. I know your wedding will be picture perfect.

  2. lena says:

    This inspiration is so stunning–I don’t blame you for wanting to dig into a gorgeous, fresh pile of greens and a few delicate white blooms and arranging them yourself!

  3. andmorefood says:

    love your elegant inspiration photos! I wish you luck with the preparations, I’ve a couple years yet and the thought of all the preparations is prettyscary!

  4. I agree with apuginthekitchen. You’ll make some seriously pretty arrangements with your eye and skill. I have never tried my hand at arranging flowers, but am constantly intrigued when someone I know is going to do it. Please post your practice shots! Good luck!

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