My name is Lindsay Gehman and I am, and apparently always have been, in love with food.  My first word was “pie” {a story that my mother loves telling friends and family every time we eat pie}.  When I had to give an oral presentation in second grade, I did a live demo of how to make chocolate chip cookies and, with freakishly nerdy flourish, even prepared a batch in advance so that I could pull them out of my fake oven, real time.  I contemplate my next meal before I am halfway finished with my current one.  I work in San Francisco’s iconic, gastronomical heaven, the Ferry Building, which is both wonderfully inspiring and also incredibly dangerous {the perpetual amazing smell of baking Acme bread is incredibly powerful}.  There is no place where I am more content and feel that all is right with the world than in my kitchen, glass of wine in hand and Billie Holiday crooning in the background.

I started this blog as a way to chronicle my cooking and eating adventures in my new home of San Francisco.

“Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” – Julia Child

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at fleurdeselsf@gmail.com.  Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. Maggie Sause says:

    Such a wonderful read! Please keep sharing your fabulous adventures with food. It’s a pleasure to follow along!

  2. Julie Wong says:

    Lindsay! Your blog is great. Seems like you’re doing great. And I love that ceramic egg holder. I got one a few months ago and I just feel like it really makes eggs so much cuter in the fridge 🙂 I’m in San Francisco now too. It would be great to catch up with you some time and swap recipes in person.

  3. linds — love love love your blog. The pictures are fabulous, and descriptions mouth watering.. so well written. and of course now it’s made me even hungrier than when i first sat down to read it. off to prepare something yummy. you’ve inspired me 🙂

  4. What a beautiful blog! The photos are great, too. Very excited to see more of your recipes 🙂

  5. Linds! Great to see you still loving food! I miss your amazing meals 🙂 Hope SF is treating you well – glad to know that’s where you’ve ended up – will keep that in mind if my travels take me in that direction – would love to see you one of these days! In the meantime, I’ll try to work up the bravery to try one of your recipes someday!

    • fleurdeselsf says:

      Hi Kel! Thank you for your kind words. It’s been waaayyyy to long!!! I miss you! Definitely let me know when you are in SF next – would love to catch up! And, I remember you were a pretty damn good cook too, so I doubt any of these recipes would give you too much trouble! 🙂 xo

  6. Anne says:

    What better way to immerse yourself with food than in San Francisco? And in SF Ferry Building, no less! I’m just across the bridge myself so I look forward to reading more of your food adventures! Beautiful blog, btw.

    • fleurdeselsf says:

      Thank you very much Anne! Likewise – I really enjoy reading your gorgeous and well written blog. Love that you are in the Bay Area also! 🙂 We should share our thoughts on local restaurants! 🙂

  7. Claire D says:

    What a delightful blog. Your photos are fabulous. I was born in SF, and lived in the Bay Area for many years, but now live in the Pacific Northwest. Thank you for visiting my blog, otherwise I would not have seen yours, and it is really, really great! I am following you now and look forward to enjoying more of your posts!

    • fleurdeselsf says:

      Hi Claire – thank you SO much for stopping by and leaving such thoughtful, encouraging posts! It means so much! And I loved discovering your blog – the title alone made me love it! 🙂 I too look forward to more of your posts! And any tips you have for any Bay Area restaurants or other secret gems are much appreciated! 🙂 Happy cooking!

  8. daryouchka says:

    I just discovered your blog and love how you describe yourself. The “kitchen+glass of wine+Billie Holiday” sounds so familiar!!! I hope you don’t mind that I am using the same Theme as yours (I had no idea when I started), but it is such a pretty, elegant one, which makes me like your blog even more. 😀

    • fleurdeselsf says:

      Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words! I discovered your blog through your visit to mine, and I love it! It is gorgeous and your photography/styling are stunning! I will have to tell my friends who live in Normandy about your blog – love that your posts are in French and English! And I agree with you about the theme – simple and minimalistic works well! 🙂

  9. Anne says:

    Hi Lindsay, I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

    All the best,

  10. ladyredspecs says:

    Lindsay I have nominated your blog and your luscious photos for a 2012 Blogger of the year award. Read more here http://wp.me/p2frs2-xG

  11. Lovely blog with really classy recipes, glad to have found you and look forward to following your posts – and I am sold by the Julia Childs quote, a heroine indeed!. Thanks for taking the time to visit and follow my blog – I can only aspire to your photographic skills!. Tracey

  12. smileycook says:

    Just from reading some of your post I have to say I just love your blog! You can just feel your passion about food. I cannot wait to read more 🙂

    • fleurdeselsf says:

      Thank you very much – such a lovely thing to hear! I am glad my passion for food translates! Thank you for stopping by – I absolutely adore your blog and voice as well! xo

  13. Hi Lindsay – have just discovered your blog – it is beautiful! Well done. x

  14. Lindsay, love, love, LOVE your blog. Beautiful photos (what an inspiration they are) and wonderful recipes! So glad I found it and look forward to your future posts =)



    • fleurdeselsf says:

      Thank you Christina! I am thrilled that I found your blog through Darya’s link – it is absolutely gorgeous, so well written, and I completely relate to having a tiny kitchen! It seems like you are making do quite well though! 🙂 So excited to see what culinary adventures you have next! xo

      • Oh, Lindsay, thank you for those wonderful sentiments! It’s always so great to hear, especially when we create most of our work by ourselves, you know? And especially too when it comes from others who create wonderful work you admire, such as yourself =) Hey, it looks like we ARE small kitchen food sisters and it seems like you’re managing wonderfully in it as well =)

        Have a great week ahead, Lindsay, thanks again and likewise! So glad to have connected … talk soon! =)

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  16. smileycook says:


    I think your blog is pretty AWESOME and have nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award! For rules/info, visit: http://lifeasaculinarygirl.wordpress.com/2013/02/16/what-a-sweet-surprise-valentines-day-highlights-and-super-sweet-blogging-award/
    It is not mandatory, so you can participate if you would like. Congrats!

  17. Candy says:

    Hi, I would like to nomimate you for the Supersweet Blogging Award. Hope you enjoy participating, find out what it’s all about here: http://lovelybuns.wordpress.com/2013/03/04/super-sweet-blogging-award-twice/

  18. laurasmess says:

    Hi Lindsay. Your blog is so gorgeous… beautiful photography and honest, inspiring words. This is my first visit but I’ve already decided to follow you! I’ve always had trouble making choux pastry so I’m going to start reading your relevant posts with fervence! Thanks again. You’re lovely inside and out!

    • fleurdeselsf says:

      Laura thank you so much for your incredibly kind words – you seriously made my day! I am thrilled to have discovered your blog – it is absolutely stunning, and your warmth as a person completely comes across in every post. I am so appreciative of this amazing blog community, where I am able to connect and be inspired by people like you. Thank you so much for stopping by! xo

  19. My idea of perfect contentment too… in the kitchen with wine and Holiday. Thank you for your lovely blog! I look forward to future posts.

  20. laurasmess says:

    Hi beautiful Lindsay. This will be very underwhelming in comparison to your recent news (so excited for you!!!) but I had an awards post in the pipeline for a while and I’ve nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger’s award. No pressure to do anything with it, just know that you’re appreciated!! Have fun with your continued time away! xo http://laurasmess.me/2013/05/01/awards-and-acknowledgements-ii/

    • fleurdeselsf says:

      Laura – thank you so very much. Such an honor to be nominated for such an award from someone I respect and admire as much as you! And congratulations to you on your many award nominations – I couldn’t think of a more deserving recipient! xo

  21. I’m so delighted to have stumbled on your lovely blog today…I was just in the Ferry Building several weeks ago! What a blast it must be to work there!

    • fleurdeselsf says:

      Thank you so much Valerie! And thank you so much for stopping by! Yes, the Ferry Building is a delightful place to work! Dangerous though – I have gained about 10 pounds working there! Too many delicious, decadent lunchtime options! 🙂 xo

  22. Absolutely LOVE your blog 🙂

  23. Chelsea says:

    So glad to have found you (through Laura’s Mess), and must confess – I think you are my newest food photography crush! Loving the dreamy photos and your clear passion for all things food. I’ll be back!

    • fleurdeselsf says:

      Thank you so much Chelsea! So thrilled to have discovered your blog too – love the name! I love the diversity of recipes you post as well – so much fun to keep things fresh! Thank you for your kind words. And, how wonderful is Laura?! xoxo

  24. Hi Lindsay – stumbled on your blog through Laura’s Mess – what delicious recipes you have on here! Looking forward to follow, get inspiration and see what exciting recipes you come up with 🙂

  25. bp says:

    What a lovely blog this is! After meeting you, I see how it’s a nice reflection of your style & personality!

  26. Hi Lindsay, I live in the Bay Area as well and wanted to tell you that your pictures are absolutely wonderful, and someday I hope to photograph like you do. I’ve also nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award, check it out: http://theafterschoolchef.wordpress.com/2013/07/23/kreativ-blogger-award-thank-you-tastytreats13/

    -Arianna @ theafterschoolchef

    • fleurdeselsf says:

      Thank you so much Arianna – your kind words absolutely made by day! And thank you so much for the nomination – so incredibly kind and generous of you! Thanks so much for stopping by! xoxo

  27. elamb says:

    Hi! I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, so if you are interested please check out the link here for my post and the rules for accepting it. Please do not feel that you have to participate. Happy food blogging! http://fooddaydreaming.wordpress.com/2013/08/17/versatile-blogger-award/

    • fleurdeselsf says:

      Thank you so much for the nomination – so very kind and gracious of you! Congratulations on your nomination as well! And thank you for supporting this little blog of mine. xoxo

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  29. deliciouslynell says:

    Hi there! I’ve nominated you for the very inspiring blogger award, but accepting it, etc, is purely optional. Check out the rules for accepting the award here if you’re interested;
    Otherwise, have an awesome day!

  30. janepaech says:

    Beautiful blog! I can’t wait to try some of your recipes,That chocolate mousse looks sooo good.Bravo!

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